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If you've wandered here by chance—well, congratulations, because I have trouble finding myself!

Though fortunate to grow up in the South Australian country – initially on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in a tiny town where the school had a total enrolment of only eleven students, and later on a sheep and wheat farm in the Murraylands, between the Mt Lofty Ranges and the stunning Murray River – in typical teen fashion I couldn't wait to hit the bright lights of the big city when I graduated. However, a couple of years working in various government departments, including the State History Trust and the Education Department, saw me longing to make my way back to the country. Through a circuitous route (isn't that life?) I now find myself splitting my time between my home and professional counselling practice in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and the farm where I grew up. I definitely have the best of both worlds!

Anyway, settle in with a cup of tea, and wander around my site. You'll find snippets about my books, and reviews of wonderful writers' works. I promise to post bucketloads of pictures of farm life (because I take bucketloads!) and you're sure to come across my ramblings and happenings that have tickled my rather prominent funny bone (not really, none of my bones are prominent!) 

Drop by and say hi on any of my social media platforms...but be prepared to chat and swap some recipes. I do a ton of baking - I was making sourdough years before the craze hit - along with jam making, preserving and canning (which is American-speak for preserving meat in jars.) I'll also chat about my menagerie and gardens for hours.

Oh, and as you flick through, you'll come across a tab with books under my pen name, Laney Kaye - that's where you'll find all the steamy stuff,  along with best-selling Women's Fiction/Romantic suspense, MALICIOUS DESIRE


Lee  x


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