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Laney Kaye

Heroes, Heart and Heat


The Spirit of Ohana Cruise Ship Series

Steamy Contemporary Romance


EAT, PRAY, LOVE meets THE LOVE BOAT... a billionaire romance melting the tropics.

EAT  -  Sara has down pat, whether it's pot noodles in the Solomon Islands or Michelin star cuisine in Europe
PRAY - praying for your ex to fall off the Harbour Bridge counts, right?
LOVE? - Well, love sucks.

Corporate lawyer Sara is all about the rules. Until, in a far-too-young-to-have-a-midlife-crisis moment she swaps practicing law for cleaning cabins aboard The Spirit of Ohana, five-star dining for onboard buffets, and love for....well, fantasies are a girl's best friend, right?
At least, they are until one dark and stormy night, when she drags an impossibly attractive, cocky Brit from the ocean...

Rick's had his fill of gorgeous women throwing themselves at him. Doing his damnedest to spit out the silver spoon that hampers his philanthropic ventures, the last thing he needs is to be rescued from a tropical cyclone only to find himself consumed by Hurricane Sara.

Yet the fiery cabin steward is undeniably intriguing--not to mention, hot as sin, all voluptuous curves and sassy innuendo. But she seems determined to keep him at arms' length and, for the first time, he's tempted to commit to the chase.

Unless Sara can overcome her distrust of wealthy, entitled men, and Rick is able to set aside his belief that women are only after his money, these two natural enemies can never become lovers, their affair doomed to be hotter than Kilauea and shorter than the brief cruise.



The details?
1. Leave the security of her job, her house, her country—heck, even her imaginary cats
2. Take a luxury cruise around the Hawaiian Islands
3. Work through an x-rated task sheet (okay, so she's retentive!)
4. And, finally... Get laid in the Land of the Lei

While the first two points are potentially problematic, involving an unwelcome reunion with her step-family, she's kind of fixated on number four. So, when she meets a hot military guy on day one—and discovers he's as witty as he is sexy, as protective as he is raunchy—she knows she's on to something. Best of all, it seems he's willing to check off all the boxes on her to-do list.

But then she discovers Nate is hiding a secret. One that will force her to choose between a broken heart, or breaking the most forbidden taboo...


Each book in The Spirit of Ohana Cruise Ship series is a standalone, featuring swoony romance, hot banter, steamy on-the-page scenes....and a guaranteed HEA


Lissa has a foolproof plan to cure her current ... dry spell.

Code name: The Vagina's Vacation

Both titles are available in digital and print format online and at booksellers.

Limited signed copies are available  at $29.95 including post (Australia only) or $50 for the set

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