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AWW Brenda Telford 'Perfection'


Mic Loves Books

In The Good Books '... before I'd finished it, I had placed a reservation from my local library for her first novel,...'

Mrs B's Book Reviews 

Book'd Out  '...Written with warmth, humour and sincerity, offering appealing characters and an engaging story, The Wattle Seed Inn is a lovely read, sure to satisfy fans of the genre.'

Family Saga Blogspot  'I am not sure where to start on telling everyone how fabulous this book is...'

Australian Women Writers  

Receiving five reviews and one interview in July, there was a lot of high praise for The Wattle Seed Inn by Leonie Kelsall. In fact, Brenda Telford summed the book up in one word: ‘Perfection!’

Mic Loves Books loved the familiarity of The Wattle Seed Inn by Leonie Kelsall. Being local to the area the book is set, Mic was warmed by the accuracy of the bakery’s delicacies and will be out searching for the fictional Inn’s location ASAP. Having not read Kelsall’s previous novel, Mic assures readers that this book can be read as a standalone with

Kelsall’s characters are vivid and relatable, their stories believable and sympathetic. The themes of appearances and the way they affect self perception was insightfully and sensitively done. The fear of being different in a small town was explored effectively. The romance in the story is low key and slow burning, and believably done. – Mic Loves Books

Shelleyrae from Book’d Out disagreed slightly in terms of the romance believing it to be “still the key element of the story” especially as she “enjoyed the way in which the author developed the relationship between Gabby and Hayden.” However, both Shelleyrae and Mic agree that “Kelsall draws on her background in counselling to tackle some hefty issues with insight and heart” (Mic Loves Books) by “exploring familiar themes such as love, friendship, forgiveness and loss in The Wattle Seed Inn, and also issues such as self-acceptance, trust and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)” ((Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out).

I highly recommend Mrs B’s Book Reviews interviewed with Leonie Kelsall if you have a spare moment or two.

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