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The Homestead in the Eucalypts

Pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor in suburban Sydney, Taylor Lawrence doesn't have time for love—yet it seems life has other plans when she catches the eye of charismatic Zac. However, betrayal and the financial implications could destroy both her plans and her passion. Embracing a new life in the South Australian countryside at Settlers Bridge, she starts to experience disturbing dreams of a time long ago...


In 1877, Anna rises before the sun to milk the cow, fetch water from the almost-dry creek, and stoke the oven. If her parents had remained in Europe, instead of settling in the drought-ridden wilderness of South Australia, her life would be different—civilised, perhaps, as Mother loves to say. In Europe, she would have avoided the raging bushfire that leaves her reputation as blackened as the burnt-out scrub. But then she would not have met handsome fellow settler, Luke Hartmann.


In her dreams, Taylor finds joy in the simplicity of the other girl's life. But as she ventures deeper into Anna's world, the borders between reality and dreams become increasingly blurred. When tragedy tears Anna's family apart, Taylor must discover whether her dreams are pure fantasy—or if they recount a story more familiar than she could ever imagine.


Either way, it seems she'll end up with a broken mind or a broken heart. The problem is, Taylor is no longer sure which she would prefer.






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