The Wattle Seed Inn    
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The Willow Tree Wharf

Australian Rural Romance,
Allen & Unwin July 2023

When sinking is not an option, will Sam's dream be enough to keep her afloat?

Samantha, owner of Settlers Bridge cafe Ploughs and Pies, is short on confidence and big on regrets. Married young to fill the void left by an unhappy childhood, she still works in the same small town where she grew up, too filled with self-doubt and insecurity to ever risk spreading her wings. Yet will the end of her abusive marriage force her to start anew? 


City restaurateur Pierce di Angelis knows what it is to have his career and family ripped away. However, a chance encounter with the intriguing Samantha ignites his passion, and together they concoct a plan for a destination restaurant. 


But, with their personalities like oil and water, will old hurts and hidden truths destroy the new business before it's afloat?

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