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Laney Kaye

Heroes, Heart and Heat

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The Warriors of Crasasi

A Flirty, Dirty, Shorty Romcom series

These short and sassy alien romances are styled to each be read in a single sitting, with three episodes combining to make the full story

Which means . . .
Because, sometimes, delayed gratification is everything :-)

Abducted by the Alien Hottie

An alien warrior. A frustrated human. And an accidental kidnapping.

Trying to come to terms with the likelihood of her forever-solo status after a failed last-ditch attempt at meeting a guy at the local Bachelors & Spinsters Ball, Stella Carragher heads into the desert to metaphorically lick her wounds. And eat somewhat melted chocolate. Because, in a world where women outnumber men 8 to 1, there's really not much else for a girl to do.

Tennn has his own wounds: banned from battle by a government determined to reinforce the façade of the universe being at peace, his life seems devoid of challenge and adventure. Instead of commanding an army, he now commands a trade vessel, delivering females to the flesh traders of Daorheris and filling his Queen's coffers so that her only son can purchase the appropriate green-blooded Crasasi bride to continue the Royal line.

When a technical glitch sends Tennn to Australia, rather than Austria, things get complicated. Picking up Stella and her odd companion, Ol' Gray Donkey, Tennn falls fast and hard for the intriguing Earth woman.
And Stella discovers that Tennn is all that. Plus a couple of inches more.

But that Prince who is obliged to take a Crasasi bride and produce the Royal Heir? That just happens to be Tennn. And those flesh traders on Daorheris? Well, they're not going to be happy to discover Tennn has permanently marked Stella as his own.

Knocked Up by the Alien Hottie

Utterly delicious, utterly filthy and utterly hilarious

Tennn (yes, that is his real name, and he is all that—plus about two inches more). Anyway, Tennn and his comrades accidentally abducted me—no, wait. I can’t keep calling it abduction when I was practically begging them to take me.

Anyway, Tennn has a job to do: deliver me to the flesh-traders at Daorheris and collect the money sorely needed by his government. But now that he’s had a taste of me, he seems happy to delay that eventuality.

Aided by his comrades, who are eager to serve their commander, we’ve come up with a new plan. And, if it happens to be one that allows my equally curvy, man-starved—and still earth-bound—sister, Aurora, to experience the star-spinning talents of a Crasasi warrior, hey, I can be generous.
But who should I choose to pair her with? Xander, who harbors a deep love of reading? Or Yanno, with his alpha domination tendencies?

Of course, my sister is a librarian…

Adored by the Alien Hotties

One human virgin.

Two frustrated alien warriors.

Three days to change their worlds

My sister, Stella, was abducted by a trio of hot alien warriors. Well, actually, the truth is that she begged them to take her—but what woman wouldn't, when Earth's population has been decimated by a shortage of men?

Despite being a (very reluctant) virgin, I'm as red-blooded as any other female, so when Stella popped back to say goodbye, I wasn't about to miss the chance to hitch an interstellar ride.

But now Stella is pregnant to the gorgeous alien commander, the guys are not so keen on handing us over to the flesh-traders at Daorheris, per the terms of their Royal Command.

And I’ve got problems of my own: both Xander, the sensitive, book-loving warrior, and Yanno, an arrogant, dominating alpha, are clearly interested in me. And, if we’re not going to be offloaded at Daorheris, I need to make a choice.

…or do I? Yanno and Xander are the difference between curry and ice-cream; one scorchingly hot and fierce, the other sinfully sweet and smooth.

And, after all, I’ve never been the kind of girl to indulge in only a single course…

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