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Laney Kaye

Heroes, Heart and Heat


Cat Shifters of Aaidar

Best selling Alien Shifter Quadrilogy


This alien shifter romance series guarantees alpha males, fierce women, steamy, on-the-page romance, and a satisfying happily-ever-after. Each book features new characters, but a larger story weaves through all 4 books. They can be read individually but as there are some cliffhanger endings, are best read in order.













Herc: A cat shifter mercenary—gun, fangs, and claws for hire—doesn't fall for a pretty little human. It's cost the Regime big-time to have me and my guys hunt down the Resistance fighters skulking in caves spread across this gods-forsaken planet. My sole focus here is this deployment. Until Maya touches me, igniting the first phase of a bondmate.

It doesn't matter how freakin' sweet she is. How sexy. No way in all seven hells will I complete the three bonds. As long as I don't kiss her, we won't hit second base. And I'll be damn sure to keep my hands off her incredible body, because having sex with her would bring on bond three, linking our souls for eternity. Problem is, now it's not just my damn life that's in danger. My heart is in all kinds of trouble.

Maya: Herc has to believe I'm nothing more than a nurse working for the Regime. If he finds out I've infiltrated the military compound to rescue my imprisoned sister, my life's in danger. He may be the hottest guy I've ever seen --shifter or man--but I refuse to bond with someone who's hunting my people into extinction.

Now that my mission's accomplished, I can flee into the desert. He'll never find me once I'm hidden in the Resistance stronghold. Problem is, Herc's hot on my heels. If he catches me, will he return me to the Regime? Or does he have his own--very personal--plan for me instead? Hooking up with me will ruin Herc's career and make him an enemy of his own people. But if he hands me over to the firing squad, the bullets won't need to hit my heart to shatter me into a billion pieces.










Leo: Dr. Janie Hartlin could've been the woman of my dreams--hells, she is the woman of my dreams--but I clawed my way through life on the streets, and now I have nothing to offer her but a share of my bedroll, military rations, and the life of a guns, fangs, and claws-for-hire mercenary.

I didn't need the hot-as-hells buzz of our awesome three-part bond to prove that Janie's the only woman for me. The question is, am I the man for her?

Janie: Regime soldiers are hot on my heels with laser guns pointed at my back. I snooped into their secret project and discovered they're engineering a shifter army they'll use to exterminate the Resistance. Curiosity killed the cat, right? Or, in my case, the cougar. Because, eight years younger than me, Leo is the cat shifter of my wildest fantasies.

Fleeing across a desert is more exercise than any girl needs. Falling into an armor spider nest only makes things worse. Until Leo rescues me. One touch, and my body is on fire.







 Lyrie: I have three secrets, but I'll share one with you. I'm falling for Khal, a Cheetakin shifter. But I won't--can't--let anyone know how I feel. Because, if the Regime who holds me captive discovers there isn't anything I wouldn't do to keep Khal safe, well, they'll use my love against me. Use him to break me.

I must escape the compound and cross the desert to reach the relative safety of the Resistance. Before it's too late. If I don't get away, they'll force us to come together, then steal the child we make for their evil experiments. Turn an innocent baby into a monster. So, I'll fight my growing love for Khal and somehow, resist his touch.

Khal: There are secrets in my past. Things no-one outside my band-of-brothers will ever know. Guns, fangs, and claws for hire, the guys and I are tight, and I know they'll never judge me for what I did. They don't need to. I judge myself.

And that's why I have to be alone. That's why I can't allow Lyrie into my heart, into my life. Because loving her means death.

But not necessarily for me.















Jag: Like the rest of my band-of-brothers, my guns, fangs, and claws are for hire-but I have a reputation for caution. Pragmatism. Methodology. The Cap, Herc, relies on me for my prudence. But now, with the world collapsing around us and danger pressing in on every side, I'm crazy in lust with Aren, the leader of the Refugees. For the first time, caution seems over-rated.

I don't know what the Hells is going on. Jaguarkin don't bond. We mate. Rut to produce offspring. Then move on. So why does this feel like more than that? I can't afford to allow a distraction in the form of one little human. One mysterious, desirable woman with the ability to rock my world. And, if I don't handle it right, rock all the worlds.

Aren: My life has been dedicated to one mission: to kill my father. After that, I'll die, either in a Regime prison or from my own pair-blade-fulfilling a promise to follow my dead husband, Tracin, to his grave. When Herc & Maya and the crew need someone to infiltrate the Regime army and steal a communicator they need to contact the Aaidarian government, I see my chance. Jag will go with me, pretending to be Tracin. Which means he'll need surgical alterations, and he won't be able to shift or his disguise will be revealed.

And I'll have to have sex with him to ignite the blades. Shouldn't be too bad, right? A quick round in bed in exchange for a chance to finally see this through. Except, one touch from Jag sets my skin on fire. And I'm falling for him fast. How will I satisfy my Dragarian pair-blade's thirst for my blood if I'm bondmated with Jag?



Herc & Maya

I have three goals.
Infiltrate the enemy compound.
Rescue my sister.
Escape into the desert.
Not bond with a hot alien cat shifter warrior.


Leo & Janie

With my medical career on the line and laser guns pointed at my back, the last thing I need is a sexy alien lion shifter warrior determined to make me his…


Khal & Lyrie

I've been captured and imprisoned. To escape, I must bond with a cocky, alien cat shifter warrior.

 I'll do it, but he won't get past the walls surrounding my heart...  


Jag & Aren

On a dangerous mission with a sexy alien jaguar shifter warrior, the last thing I need is temptation.

But his searing kiss unleashes my hidden desire

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