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Laney Kaye

Heroes, Heart and Heat


Mangled Myths & Fractured Fairytales

SciFi Alien Abduction Romance

Beast's Beauty

A beauty stolen from Earth.
Gifted to an alien Beast.
Can love set them both free?  

Amelia: Abducted by aliens and taken to their ship, my best friend and I are desperate to escape and return to Earth. I'm tossed into a cell with a reptilian alien and told I must satisfy him or they'll hurt my friend. I never thought giving in to his needs might satisfy my own...

Then they put me with a new beast and say we're going to compete in a deadly game called the Rampage. Alien Hunger Games anyone?

The beast is snarly and ferocious, and he could rip me apart with his tusks and claws. Yet in his eyes, I sense something vulnerable. Lonely. With hints of something I found with the other alien.

I'll do whatever I can to soothe the beast and convince him to help me win the Rampage. Because losing means death.


Jrecatoa: I was once a man, a Krakarian warrior.

That's all gone now. Hidden beneath this abominable exterior, far more Beast than man. Not only in appearance, either; because the scent and the sight of this female does things to me. Things that surely no man would ever feel.

Of course, I've wanted women before. Had women before.

But I've never needed them like this.

She's awoken my Hunger.

But maybe that's just as well--without the fury of the Hunger, neither of us has any chance of surviving the Rampage.

Lily: I was thrown into an alien gladiator ring, the prize for the victor.
Christophus won me.
He's kind and sweet and beyond appealing. I'm falling fast.
But can I capture his heart?
Christophus: My captors think they've broken me, forcing me to fight as a gladiator.
But I'll never perform the one act they desire the most
...until they throw Lily into the ring, and I instantly know she is My One.
Now I'll do anything to protect her and win her heart.      

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