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I've not finished doing promotions for The Willow Tree Wharf yet, and I'm sure many of you haven't had chance to read it....but, because I always try and let the subscribers to my blog get the first sneak peek, LOOK!!

This is a newcomer to the district, Charity Farrugia

And here's the blurb:

The Blue Gum Camp Three sisters. Two brothers. And a wild weekend at the bachelor and spinsters' ball. When the very sensible Charity meets the 'sworn-off-women-forever' Lachlan, what could possibly go wrong….or is there a chance it could all go impossibly, incredibly right?

Charity Farrugia is too sensible to believe she'll find love in a paddock. After all, at thirty-four, she's the one with the secure career and the mortgage. The one who took on the job of raising her two sisters when Mum got sick. Everyone knows she's the practical one. The responsible one. Yeah, the boring one. But it would be neither safe nor prudent to let Faith and Hope spend a weekend in the country without her, would it? Lachlan MacKenzie doesn't believe in all that once-burned stuff. He might be divorced, but his cheating ex is no grounds for him to swear off women. No, he has a far better motive. A secret that his brother, Hamish, and their increasingly distant father share. A reason that could cost him his livelihood. But Mum would have wanted him to keep an eye out for Hamish, so he reluctantly allows himself to be dragged to the local B&S. Charity has no intention of allowing her chaperone duties to be side-tracked by any local yokel. But meeting the intriguing farmer - who seems as reluctant as her to be at the B&S - might be an opportunity to prove to her sisters that she does have a wild side after all. But will she discover that what happens in the country sometimes refuses to stay in the country?

I'm heading off to Europe for a couple of months in November, so I'm only *just* going to make it back in time for the launch of The Blue Gum Camp, so wish me no jet lag! And buckle yourselves in to be spammed with photos that DON'T include animals (I'm pretty sure they won't let me fly any rescues back) as you adventure around Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, England and Spain with The Kid and me (do you think we'll still be talking to one another after two months of close quarters and tiny rooms/cabins/dorms?) Preorders for THE BLUE GUM CAMP are open now, so you can get your summer holiday reading locked in before we all get caught up in the mad Christmas scramble Links: Booktopia: Lee x

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1 Comment

Sue Kubenk
Sue Kubenk
Sep 29, 2023

WOW!! Europe seems to be the place to be at present. If not there, it's Japan, where my daughter and bf went to in April, and are heading back in March '24.

Have a fantastic time!! Can't wait for the pics...🤗

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