• Léonie Kelsall


Okay, so that sounds a little more thrilling than the post warrants (or the actuality was, for that matter!)

Having noticed that there are TYPOS on my first page— (yeah, yeah, I know you're all looking for them now, but no prizes will be awarded!— I can't find my way back there to fix it, so I'll try my hand at creating a posty-thingy instead. Mind, this is the third posty-thingy I've attempted, so, ya know, creativity is wearing a little thin, and grumpiness is kicking in. Good news, though, I'm fresh from a cocktail party (actually, can you have "fresh from" and "cocktail party" in the same sentence? Methinks perhaps not.)

In any case, I'm going to push a whole lot of buttons, and hopefully something exciting will happen *bats partner away* No, not those kind of buttons, and not that kind of exciting.

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